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Larry Stylinson 

… from an Elounor shipper turned Larry shipper’s point of view.

I was your average Elounor shipper, and yeah I “worshiped” Eleanor and blogged and tweeted about how perfect she and their relationship was. I’ll be honest, I thought I hated larry shippers. Truth be told, i was actually annoyed with them. 

Yes, quite a few larry shippers over-exaggerate and misread and look into things far too much and make themselves look crazy on nearly a daily basis. But they’re all people. Real people. And they just want to ship two people that they genuinely think are in a relationship. Where’s the harm in that? (Now that I think about it, I remember never wanting to be hated by Louis - aka twitter rampage day for @Louis_Tomlinson - and so that was a huge larry turn-off for me)

At first, I hated on larry shippers.. sort of. i just ranted about how delusional they all are and pretty much parroted everything i thought was the truth. Not once did I tell anyone to kill themselves, or anything like that, because that’s sick and horrible and all the other vile words you can think of.

Now, I’m not homophobic, but I didn’t want Harry or Louis to be gay. I didn’t - and still don’t - think either would end up falling in love with me, but there’s always that little glimmer of fangirl hope. Not only did i not want them to be gay, but if they’re in love with each other, then that pretty much destroys all my chances. Neither of them would ever love me. I would get irrationally angry at a Larry analysis, especially when it really did make sense, yet I kept reading them. At first, it was fear. Fear that the annoying larry shippers might actually be onto something.

Because, some of them actually seemed right, and sometimes Harry and Louis actually looked really.. gay. And I refused to believe it. No, nope, no, nuh-uh, BROmance. Sexual innuendo? They’re joking, I joke with my friends all the time. Prolonged “loving” stares? Psh, they can’t even look at each other without you people assuming things. “Make-out” sessions? Friends messing around. Deny, deny, deny.

Then.. Larry just.. kind of.. stopped. No pictures of them EVER together, rumors they moved out, Elounor getting married, Harry being a slut, etc. etc. etc.

I just.. I felt sad. And I didn’t know why. Larry shippers were grasping onto nothing, barely keeping their ship afloat, and I couldn’t feel victorious. Even elounor started to seem fake to me. I was so confused. Why would i want my idols, the boys I wanted to marry for god’s sake, to be gay? And for each other? I was reading over old analyses, and I actually LOOKED at them, for fucking once, stopped listening to my head. It wasn’t about what I wanted, and what I wished and hoped for. It was about the boys. And when I looked at them, they looked fucking happiest when they were together. And then I realized it.

Holy shit. There’s something there. I always knew maybe they had a drunk hook-up, maybe even all the boys did at some point (I don’t know), but I was finally admitting to myself that maybe those goddamn larry shippers were right.

I don’t really know exactly when or exactly why that turning point happened, but I found myself standing up for larry shippers. my friends were confused because I used to be adamant that Harry and Louis were straight, but then I was suddenly screeching when i saw an old moment when harry kissed louis on the cheek at a concert.

So, long story short, I’m now here as a Larry shipper and boy is it one fucking huge rollercoaster. But, I felt like I should share this with you guys, to maybe get you to take it easy on the Elounor/anything else shippers. And anything else shippers, take it easy on the larry shippers. We should all just ship whatever makes us happy and whatever we think makes the boys happy, without arguing. Love you all, hope this wasn’t too much of a bore. :) Xx

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